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The College Tour is designed to introduce high school students from the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia to the various possibilities of furthering their education. It is the mission of The College Tour to prepare students for college and enhance their college experiences by providing early access to prestigious institutions of higher learning. Our objective is to provide a quality, interactive, on-site experience that promotes college admission and attendance. Each year we have been able to attract students to the tour because of their internal yearning to continue their education after high school. We are proud to have serviced over 300 high school students thus far!!!



The College Tour arrives on campus and is greeted with info sessions by admissions staff replete with videos about the schools experience. We then embark on thorough walking tours of the campus and all key facilities. As the tour continues, discussions about financial aid, curricula and admission requirements are covered. The College Tour students represent themselves and their DC/MD/VA communities well by asking critical questions analyzing the differences between programs. During The College Tour experience, students began to know and befriend each other and the adult chaperones begin to witness the open-eyed attentiveness the students demonstrate. It always a very moving experience to see students who have never set foot on a college campus begin to understand that this experience is possible for them beyond their prior limited notions. Students have shared that they began to see themselves on campus and were more aware of what they did and did not want in a college.

List of Colleges and Universities
The College Tour has visited some of the top Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) as well as some of the most prestigious universities in America.


Virginia State University

Hampton University

Norfolk State University

Old Dominion University

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Duke University

North Carolina A&T State University

Bennett College

North Carolina Central University

Tuskegee University

Morehouse College

Spelman College

Clark Atlanta University

Georgia Institute of Technology

Emory University

Winston Salem State University

Tennessee State University

Vanderbilt University

Meharry Medical College

Delaware State University

Lincoln University

University of Pennsylvania

Princeton University

Temple University

Drexel University

New York University

Columbia University

Howard University

University of the District of Columbia

Bowie State University

University of Maryland College Park

University of Maryland Baltimore County

George Washington University

Morgan State University

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