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Smart Learning Solutions partners with BWW Enterprises,  LLC for Grant Management services. Our Lead Grant writer is retired from a top Business Management Consulting firm who found that she missed the excitement of going after contracts/grants, pulling a team together to implement the written plan, and the give and take of working with others. So in 2013, she organized her company and began to work with non-profit organizations to help them secure funds for their program efforts.  The decision to work with non-profits stems from the fact, that those organizations are generally looking for funds to support or expand their programs and often have neither the expertise nor the time to look for and go after grant opportunities.



Professional Skills and Services



Grant Writing

Excellent grant writting and managment. Analyze requests for proposals, and work with a team to create an excellent product. We've won $1million in grants this year


Evaluate programs by working with the client to determine the goals of the evaluation. Once we have goals, we identify data, collect and/or assemble it, and write a report.


Provide evaluation training for those interested in learning more about evaluation methods. We also conduct professional development training.

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